Q & A's about AA DMV Services

What is  AA DMV Services?  

  • We are a private business who specializes in processing a variety of vehicle transaction to the Nevada Department of Motor vehicles (DMV) for a service fee for individual and businesses who do not spend the time themselves at the DMV.

When was AA DMV Services established?

  •    Our office was established 2001.

How many locations does AA DMV Services have?

  •    We currently have 1 office, locate at 2700 E Lake Mead Blvd, Ste. 5, North Las Vegas, NV, through which we stride to always provide each customer with the friendliest and highest of quality.

Is AA DMV Services in compliance with state regulations?

  •    Yes, we are registered with the Secretary of State and filed the required bond.

Why should anyone use AA DMV Services?

  •    Most customers enjoy the convenience of dropping off their pending transaction and having the freedom to take care of any other more important task and being notified via text message or a phone call that their transaction is ready for pickup. 


Q & A's about available services

Can I process my first time registration?  

  • Yes we can process your first time registration.

Can I process specialty or personalized plates?

  •    Yes anything style plates that the DMV has available we can obtain for our customers.

Can I process for a moving permit for a new vehicle?

  •    Yes, just bring in the ownership documents and identification.

Can I cancel my plates?

  •    Yes, bring in the license plates and registration along with your driver license or ID.

I have issues with my vehicles paperwork?

  •   No problem, bring us your paperwork for verification and we will find the best solution for any discrepancies on the documents.

What services are available at AA DMV Services?

  • We can assist you with any vehicle related transaction. Please visit our Services page for more information on available services and pricing.


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