Available Services 

Through our office you can process a variety of vehicle related transactions.
Note: Do know that the described fee below are the Service fee in addition to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicle State Fees.

Vehicle Titles

When you purchase a vehicle from either a private seller, an out of state dealer, or was inherited to you from a deceased loved one, it is essential to process the title and establish ownership of the vehicle.
Available Title Services and Fees
  • Private Party Sale $45.00

  • Multiple Dealer Transfers $70.00

  • Deceased Owner $70.00

  • Duplicate Nevada Titles $45.00

  • Expedited Titles  $70.00

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    In order to operate your vehicle legally you must process for vehicle registration and pay appropriate fees to Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.
    Available Title Services and Fees
    • EDRS Registration Standard Plate $45.00 | Specialty Plate $65.00

    • Title & Registration   Standard Plate $45.00 | Specialty Plate $65.00

    • Multiple Dealer Transfers Title & Registration  Standard Plate | Specialty Plate $70.00  

    • Registration Renewal $45.00

    • Registration Fines $55.00

    • Duplicate Registration & Change of Address $34.00

    • Expedited Service $250.00

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    Moving Permits

    When you buy a new vehicle from a private seller or auction you need to process for temporary permit to operate your vehicle prior to processing for your vehicle registration.
    Available Title Services and Fees
    • Moving Permit $20.00

    • Drive Away Moving Permit $30.25 (To transfer a vehicle purchase in the state of Nevada but will be registered in another state).

    • Expedited Service $100.00

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    Cancel Plates

    If you have sold your vehicle or would like to stop paying your vehicles insurance the vehicles registration need to be canceled prior to canceling the insurance to avoid any fines with the Department of Motor Vehicles.
    Available Title Services and Fees
    • Cancel Plates with plates present $10.00

    • Cancel Plates without plates present $20.00

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    Attempt to Contact

    If you purchased a vehicle and ownership document are either incomplete or error and you have lost contact with the seller.
    Available Title Services and Fees
    • Attempt to Contact $80.00

    • ATC's Additional Letter  $20.00 each

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